Interior Deodorizing with Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc.

Foul smells can turn an incredible car into a burden and can be persistent, even when handled properly. Losing that French fry under the seat or forgetting about that tub of ice cream can lead to a lingering odor that might even worsen with time. Luckily, Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc. has the professional experience that might just help you out and get your car smelling better than ever.


Our Auto Experts Can Help Find the Cause and Determine the Solution

Why Does My Car Smell?

Sometimes, the most difficult part of deodorizing your vehicle is simply pinpointing the smell. Sometimes, it's obvious - like cigarette smoke or spilled food or drinks - but other times, you might have to do some investigating. Inspecting under your vehicle's floormats, inside the air conditioning system, and the cabin air filter and housing are great places to start. If you still can't find it, start with a deep clean on carpets and other surfaces.

What Kind of Products Can I Use to Get My Car Smelling Better?

Cleaners made specifically for car and truck interiors will be safe to use and will help kill bacteria and odors, and isopropyl alcohol is generally safe to use, too. Avoid using especially corrosive cleaners like bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

What's That Burning Smell in My Car?

Sometimes, offensive odors can be indicative of something more serious going wrong with your car. While usually, it's relevant to the air conditioning and heating of the car, sometimes it can be related to the engine's cooling system or oil system. Either way, if you smell something burning, you'll want to have an expert take a look.

Schedule Your Interior Deodorizing Today

With the professionals of Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers Inc. on your side, no smell is forever. Don't go another day suffering through unpleasant odors in your vehicle. Bring it to us and start enjoying the fresh smells of a stink-free car interior.

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