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Your fuel system plays an important role in your vehicle. Without it, you can provide your engine's propulsion to move your car forward. In other words, you're stuck! But don't worry - our service experts can give you a hand. If you're noticing decreased performance or a rough idle, you may have issues with your fuel system. Our service experts can diagnose the issue and repair or replace any worn-down part, ensuring you get the high level of performance you deserve.

Consider the following fuel system services and how we can address them for you.


Addressing Your Fuel System

When we service your vehicle's fuel system, we take care of the entire system through four steps. We must provide top-shelf service to prevent your fuel system from clogging and affecting your vehicle's performance. These steps include:

  • Cleaning the Injectors: Your fuel injectors are responsible for taking the gasoline in your car and spraying it as a mist, injecting fuel into your engine. We'll clean the injectors to prevent them from clogging.
  • Remove Fuel Varnish from the Throttle Body: Varnish builds up over time within your fuel system. This buildup can cause the throttle to stick, making it tough to control air intake. We'll clean the sensors and ensure they're operating appropriately.
  • Clean Varnish from the Valves: Varnish can also affect the operation of your valves, causing them to stick and creating a layer that prevents them from completing the seal. Our service technicians will carefully clean them to prevent buildup.
  • Change the Fuel Filter: Your fuel filter helps keep out impurities like dust, debris, and contaminants picked up from the road. You'll need to change the filter when it is too dirty to function properly. We'll remove the old filter and replace it with a genuine OEM part. Some vehicles may not have a removable filter - we'll address it as we see it!

Schedule Service Today!

We recommend you contact our team today if you're unsure when your next fuel system service appointment should be. We'll take care of your vehicle like it's one of our own and ensure you aren't left looking for service later down the road!

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